‘New Shepard’ launch will be 12th for Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos

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Blue Origin

(Photo: Blue Origin)

MYSTERY WIRE — Blue Origin is ready to launch its 12th New Shepard mission, and waiting for better weather to get off the ground as early as Wednesday. No word yet on a possible launch time.

Blue Origin is the brainchild of billionaire Jeff Bezos, with reusable spacecraft that launch from the company’s West Texas facility.

Space.com is carrying a livestream of the launch, and it will also appear on Blue Origin’s website.

The flight will carry Blue Origin’s 100th commercial payload to space. Among the items aboard: Thousands of postcards and handwritten messages with artwork from children involved in Club for the Future, a Blue Origin initiative to get kids interested in space exploration. The club’s first project is to launch 10,000 postcards with visions of humanity’s future in space, according to Space.com.

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