Northern Taurids meteor puts on show over St. Louis

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A meteor lit up the sky over St. Louis on Monday night, CBS News affiliate KMOV reports. Hundreds of residents reported seeing a bright flash of light across at least two counties. Many also reported hearing a loud boom as the meteor streaked across the sky around 9 p.m. CST.

The sighting coincides with the height of the Northern Taurids meteor shower, which is known for its spectacular fireballs.

The American Meteor Society said most sightings came from Missouri but it also received reports from witnesses in Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, Nevada, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Wisconsin. The group calculated based on those reports that the fireball was traveling from east to west and ended its flight somewhere near Wellsville, Missouri.

A number of home security cameras captured video of the fireball streaking through the sky. See a report from KPLR in St. Louis.

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