SKA telescope array will be world’s largest science structure

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MYSTERY WIRE — The sum of the parts will be greater than the whole when scientists complete an array of satellite dishes that will make up the largest scientific structure on Earth.

Construction on the SKA project — Square Kilometre Array — is expected to begin near the end of 2021, and the work will eventually bring us the world’s largest radio telescope. The project is being budgeted and built in phases, and will involve construction and deployment of many different kinds of devices, from large dish antennae to small “dipolar” listening devices.

SKA involves 13 countries — the U.S. is not one of them — that will share in the benefits as the project ramps up.

An article on hits some of the highlights:

When complete, SKA will be 1,800 miles wide, and it’ll see 50 times as much detail as the Hubble Space Telescope and record electromagnetic radiation up to a quadrillion times weaker than what your cell phone emits.

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