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MYSTERY WIRE — Space Force is the newest military branch in the U.S. military and is preparing to launch its next mission. It plans on adding more satellites to Earth’s orbit to detect and track missiles that can often fly under the radar.

Space Force leadership says the cost to launch this war-fighting technology is decreasing but the competition to use it is only growing across the world.

Dr. Derek Tournear is the Space Development Agency director. He says the newest military branch is running experiments on a handful of satellites to detect and track missiles across the world and “send that directly down to a weapon so that you can intercept and neutralize that threat.”

Tournear says Space Force is a year away from doing just that with dozens of military satellites, “The only way we’re able to get there is because the affordability of the satellites have gone way down.”

Because of partnerships with the growing commercial space industry, Tournear says the cost of a single satellite can be as low as $14 million instead of billions of dollars.

Tournear expects the cost to launch satellites into orbit will also drop from hundreds of millions to tens of millions.

That is Space Force’s goal for 2024 and beyond. It’s a pace they say they need to keep up with countries like China and Russia who also have a key interest in space defense. 

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