SpaceX test sees Starship Mk1 take its first ‘breath’

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MYSTERY WIRE — Dedicated observers were rewarded Monday night, witnessing Starship Mk1‘s first “breath” at the SpaceX build and launch site in South Texas.

At about the 4:25 mark of this video posted on YouTube, you’ll see what’s been described as a pressure test.

Not so fast! If you just went right to the key moment, you missed a beautiful time lapse of the Boca Chica site, and activity around the Starship. Soak it in … the beautiful video by @BocaChicaGal shared by the NASASpaceflight group is worth your time.

Two observers recorded the historic moment. Here’s the Twitter post by @SpacePadreIsle that reported it first:

SpaceX founder Elon Musk says the two components of the stainless steel Starship Mk1 — the spaceship itself (Starship) and the rocket (called “Super Heavy”) — will be reusable. reports on projected uses of the brand-new ship, including the possibility of missions to colonize the moon and Mars, and possibly even missings to moons orbiting Jupiter and Saturn.

Artist’s rendition of a Starship mission to Saturn’s moons. (SpaceX)

Starship Mk1 could also figure into SpaceX’s recent inclusion in companies bidding on unmanned missions to the moon in advance of the Artemis project in 2024.

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