‘Super Worm Moon’ is out tonight

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(Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay)

MYSTERY WIRE — The “Super Worm Moon” should light up the sky tonight if clouds don’t interfere.

The moon is expected to appear brighter than normal because it’s about 7.5% closer than normal, closing within 222,081 miles of Earth. It’s the first of three supermoons in 2020. See a great illustration of the difference 7.5% makes on EarthSky.

The “worm moon” takes its meaning from the time of year — Native American tribes in southern states saw that earthworms were emerging as the ground thawed at the end of winter. Northern tribes called it the Crow Moon. Other names include the Crust Moon, Sap Moon and Sugar Moon.

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In North and South America, the moon will turn full during the daylight hours on March 9, when the moon is beneath the horizon. Full moons usually last for a couple of nights. The moon technically won’t reach it’s “full” phase until midday Monday, but if you saw it Sunday night it was very close.

NEXT UP: the “Super Pink Moon,” the closest supermoon of 2020, on April 8.

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