The smell of space may be landing in a store near you

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MYSTERY WIRE — If you grew up wanting to be an astronaut there’s a new product hitting the market this fall that might be for you. While you may never float in space, see space with your own eyes, or launch atop a massive rocket, you can smell like space, kind of.

A kickstarter was recently launched to create Eau de Space, the smell of space. Or more accurately, the smell of the International Space Station in space.

The fragrance was developed by Steve Pearce, according to Eau de Space product manager Matt Richmond. Pearce is a chemist and the founder of Omega Ingredients, a company focused on the “creation of the highest quality, provenance driven, natural flavours and ingredients for the food and beverage industry,” its website says.

Pearce was originally contracted by NASA to recreate the smell in 2008, and it took him approximately four years to develop it, Richmond said.

The true reason for developing the smell here on Earth is actually a good one. It was created to allow astronauts to train with the smell before launching to orbit.

Peggy Whitson, an astronaut and former resident of the International Space Station said of the real smell in the ISS, “It’s kind of like a smell from a gun, right after you fire the shot. I think it kind of has almost a bitter kind of smell in addition to being smoky and burned.”

Other astronauts have also described the real smell as a mix of gunpowder, seared steak, raspberries and rum.

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