‘Von Braun’ spaceport targets 2025 for hotel guests

Space Science

An ambitious plan to have a space hotel operating by 2025 faces more than a few obstacles, but its developers are encouraged by the success of private-sector aerospace companies and they are plunging ahead.

Space.com reports the Von Braun Rotating Space Station plans to mix business and pleasure. Experiments and tourism would share the doughnut-shaped structure. The design inspired by Werner Von Braun, a pioneer in the field of human spaceflight first for Nazi Germany and then the United States.

The project by the Gateway Foundation would build a spaceport that would be the largest human-made structure in space, housing up to 450 people.

The article does not say how much the journey might cost.

Challenges include the cost of executing the project, a timetable that is roughly twice as fast as normal development schedules, and the possible controversy surrounding the Von Braun name because of the Nazi association. Gateway is not the only developer working on such a project.

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