Where and when will we find life? NASA is on the hunt

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Mars is shown in a composite image made from more than 100 images collected by the Viking probe. (NASA)

MYSTERY WIRE — We’re going to look under rocks … and inside them. We’re going to look in the water … or ice, if necessary. We’re going to stare deep into space for glimmers that prove planets are out there, passing in front of stars.

In a dizzying list of active projects, humankind’s hunt for proof that we are not alone has grown. Telescopes in space, missions to the moon, examinations of nearby planets and their moons … we are looking hard, and with better tools than we’ve ever had before.

Business Insider has compiled a list of NASA’s work to find evidence of life, and it’s a long list. And it’s only going to get longer. There are 21 major projects — or at least areas of interest — listed in the article:

Here’s how NASA plans to track down alien life — in our solar system and beyond

Momentum is building on the side of discovery. Scientists and NASA officials share their excitement regularly.

Few believe it will happen in 2020, but some scientists are comfortable with a timeline that’s only 10 or 20 years.

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