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Wolf Moon

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The January full moon is often called the Wolf Moon. Other names include Old Moon, Ice Moon, and Snow Moon, although this name is usually attributed to the February full moon, according to timeanddate.com.

While the almanac states that Wolf Moon is a Native American name, other sources claim that it has Anglo-Saxon origins. In Anglo-Saxon culture, the January full moon was also called the Moon after Yule, which is the time of the ancient festival celebrating the Winter Solstice around December 22.

Wolf Moon
A photo of the Wolf Moon shot Thursday night by Glenn Woods, submitted to WWLP in Springfield, Massachusetts.

The penumbral lunar eclipse that occurred today was not visible in the United States. Here’s an animation from NASA, posted by Space.com, showing the effect that was visible in parts of Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia:

For a calendar of 2020 celestial events like meteor showers, Supermoons, new moons and the nearest passes by other planets in our solar system, see:

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