Luis Elizondo interview

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UFO dilemma pushed Luis Elizondo out of the Department of Defense – Part 1

US government culture, UFO evidence couldn’t coexist, Elizondo found – Part 2

Tom DeLonge, others give weight to UFO investigations, Elizondo says – Part 3

UFO incidents like Nimitz, Tic Tac are not a rarity in Luis Elizondo’s world – Part 4

UFO tech deconstruction: what it does, how it works – Part 5

Who is behind AATIP? Luis Elizondo describes UFO effort’s distributed presence – Part 6

Alien threat can’t be ignored, former DoD official Elizondo reminds – Part 7

Nevada aerospace company Bigelow’s role not about politics, Elizondo says – Part 8

Elizondo confident more visual proof will come as UFO questions persist – Part 9

Elusive government ‘expert’ who knows all on UFOs doesn’t exist, Elizondo says – Part 10

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