Cousin dies before meeting Paul Fronczak

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Paul Fronczak

Paul Fronczak

This story was originally posted on on April 25, 2014.

LAS VEGAS — A baby kidnapping case that captivated the nation happened five decades ago this weekend. That’s when the Fronczak baby was stolen from a Chicago hospital.

The I-Team broke the story of Henderson resident Paul Fronczak who was thought to be the kidnapped baby, but DNA tests showed he wasn’t.

Fronczak was found in an orphanage and given to the Fronczak couple to raise because authorities believed he was the stolen baby.

Tips have been pouring in from people hoping to solve two mysteries: Who is Paul? And what happened to the stolen Fronczak baby?

Through DNA testing, Paul Fronczak recently learned he had a second cousin. They contacted each other and planned to meet, but didn’t get the chance.

“Two days before we were supposed to meet in New York, he went to a hospital and wasn’t feeling well. He was uncomfortable. He told everyone in the hospital ‘you gotta hurry up, I’m going to New York to meet my cousin.’ Two hours later he died,” Fronczak said.

The cousin was also adopted, but the family is helping Fronczak with his search. Fronczak estimates he has taken upwards of 75 DNA tests in his quest to find answers.

If you have any tips, you can add them to the “Who is Paul Fronczak” Facebook page.

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Paul Fronczak

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