MYSTERY WIRE (LAS VEGAS – KLAS) — It has been years since a crime scene show centered on Las Vegas, however it is back on the small screen with “CSI: Vegas.”

It is a sequel to the original series, with several familiar faces returning. The first episode of “CSI: Vegas” premiered Wednesday night. 8 News Now got to chat with the man who started the whole “CSI” franchise.

The show comes home with the brand-new CBS television series “CSI: Vegas.” The original show, also set in Las Vegas, premiered on October 6, 2000. “Here we are 21 years later, to the date,” said Anthony E. Zuiker, creator of the whole “CSI” television franchise.

Zuiker grew up in Las Vegas and graduated from the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV). He is thrilled to see his city back in the spotlight. “It means the world. The show completely changed my life and changed the whole industry,” Zuiker said. “I am a hometown kid and what better backdrop than my hometown which is Las Vegas.”

“CSI: Vegas” brings back fan-favorite characters from the original series, along with fresh faces to the franchise. “Little bit of the old, a lot of the new, it’s a great hybrid,” Zuiker said.

His family and friends gathered Wednesday night at Fly Pie in Henderson, for a “CSI: Vegas” premiere party. Alongside the pizza and drinks, perhaps the biggest treat was an advanced screening — by just a couple hours of the very first episode. “It’s super exciting. It brings back all the memories of how Vegas used to be, full of excitement and full of people, full of tourists, full of action,” Las Vegan Lisa Veltre said.

Las Vegan Jennifer Zarley added, “The people are going to be able to experience all of this and just bring Vegas back.”

Zuiker cannot wait to show off more of Las Vegas with the series. “Be able to share the great city with not only this city, the country, and the world,” he said.

Mystery Wire’s George Knapp will be playing a news anchor in a couple of the episodes. The first episode Knapp is in will air on October 20.