The surrender of Heather Tallchief – Armored car robber from the Netflix series “Heist”

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MYSTERY WIRE — A new Netflix series about seemingly regular people who commit brazen robberies is a hit for the streaming service. The series is called ‘Heist’, and the first crime to be featured is a $3 million armored car robbery in Las Vegas in 1993.

In 2005, Heather Tallchief had been on the run for 12 years. Her run from the law ended on September 15 when she surprisingly turned herself in. But an hour before Tallchief surrendered, she spoke to KLAS-TV in her lawyers’ office.

Heather Tallchief speaks with George Knapp before she surrendered on September 15, 2005 in Las Vegas.

She said at age 21, she came under the spell of an older man named Roberto Solis. Solis was a convicted killer who had done time for a previous armored car robbery.

“He’s someone I listened to and obeyed,” Tallchief said before surrendering. “If he said to do a certain thing, I would follow through.”

Roberto Solis

She added that she wanted to turn herself in sooner but “wanted to wait until my son was old enough and felt comfortable enough to leave him.” Adding she wanted to be sure he was mature enough to understand why his mother is going to prison.

In her lawyer’s office before surrendering, Tallchief acknowledged she had taken part in the 1993 heist of an armored car at the Circus Circus Hotel and Casino. The armored car ended up having $3 million in the back.

Tallchief worked for Loomis for two months before the crime. The vehicle was found in a rented storage space two weeks later, but Tallchief and Solis were long gone.

At the time of her surrender, Tallchief’s attorneys,  Bob Axelrod of Connecticut and Dan Albregts of Las Vegas, would not allow her to tell the full story of her disappearance, but she confirmed that she and Solis wore disguises when they chartered a Lear jet from Las Vegas to Denver.

The FBI tracked the pair to Miami, but that’s where the trail ended. Tallchief says beginning in 1994 she lived for several years in Amsterdam where she raised her ten-year-old son and held various jobs.

There Tallchief became a chambermaid at a hotel and used a fake British accent.

Tallchief’s lawyers said Solis was a mesmerizing, Charles Manson-like figure who controlled Tallchief until she got the courage to get away from him.

“The fact that she walked away from the true mastermind of this crime without any of the money and was a young and naive girl under the influence of a much older and more powerful man,” defense attorney Bob Axelrod said during the news conference in 2005.Heather Tallchief faced charges of embezzlement, bank fraud, bank robbery, false statements, interstate flight to avoid prosecution, and using a firearm for a violent crime. She faced up to 40 years in federal prison.

However, she later pled guilty to one count of obtaining a false passport and to two counts of embezzlement.

On March 30, 2006, a judge sentenced her to federal prison for five years and ordered to pay Loomis $2.9 million.

She was released in 2010.

Law enforcement investigate the Loomis armored car found in a rented storage space two weeks after the 1993 crime.

Since then, Tallchief has said she now works in healthcare and her son graduated from college in 2019.

The Netflix series has two episodes about this crime. Both are called, “Sex Magick Money Murder”.

Tallfeather is played by Emree Franklin in re-enactments. Lisa Lord also portrays Tallchief in narrated segments where she reads Tallfeather’s own words.

Tallfeather does make an appearance at the end of the second episode, but her face is blurred. Here she talks about her accomplice and says she doesn’t know where he currently is and thinks he might be dead.

Her comments end with her saying, “If you find him, please don’t tell him where I am.”

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