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MYSTERY WIRE (AP) — R&B songstress Monica has always loved true crime TV shows, so it was a no-brainer when she was tapped to host VH1’s new series, “Infamy.”

“I grew up as—myself and my brother—as real fans of true crime stories and, you know, shows like ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ and ‘(The) First 48’ is one of my absolute favorites—the I.D. Channel…so this show kind of parallels. But what I love so much about ‘Infamy’ is that it gives you a look, an in depth look at the victim: who they were, what their livelihoods were. The people that they loved also participate heavily in this, said Monica.

“For me, that family element makes it so special because you get a chance to hear from a mom that’s grieving the loss of her son and who she felt was responsible and why she felt it happened. To me, you give a voice to some very important people in these crimes, and that’s what I love most about ‘Infamy.'”

The Grammy winner also addressed if she’d return to ‘T.I. and Tiny’: Friends & Family Hustle.” VH1’s hit reality series suspended filming earlier this year after T.I. and Tiny faced multiple sexual abuse accusations.

“It was a great experience up until the last season, and again, my life just started really, really taking some hard turns. And you can’t just say, ‘Hey, I need a break.’ That’s not the way it works. So I’m having to assess if that’s a word for me—period—as a whole because of the way that I nurture my family and the way that I’m there,” said Monica. “When I lost my uncle, that was really the test of all things, Monica—every facet. But I do appreciate the kind of business that VH1 did with us, which means that my relationship with them will be consistent. It will be ongoing. That won’t end. But it’ll probably just transition into other things like ‘Infamy.'”

And while Monica is stepping into a more serious hosting role, she hasn’t put music on the back burner.

“‘Trenches’: finally done. Finally there. Finally mixing and mastering. You know, I feel awful that it took longer than initially planned, but again, real life happened and I had to step away and deal with some things family oriented. And I’m really grateful that people gave me the opportunity to just do it the way I needed to,” said the singer of her upcoming album. “One of the things I remember about my first album, which is my favorite, ‘Miss Thing,’—is it? One of the things I remember about it is we didn’t time it. We did it until it was right. We recorded until it was right. We sang_I sang every night until it felt right. That’s what I did with this album.”

“Infamy” will premiere Monday, June 7 on VH1.

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