MYSTERY WIRE — One of the most notorious killers in the country says he is innocent of double homicides in 2008 that sent him to death row.  Thomas Randolph has just been granted a new trial by the Nevada Supreme court and gave his first reaction comments to two veteran crime reporters who’ve been following his case.

Melissa McCarty and Kelly McLear have more than 30 years of true crime investigating and reporting between them.

The pair have teamed up to research, write, and produce the new podcast called Killer Genes. The podcast debuted today (Dec, 17, 2020). McCarty and McLear kick it off with a 2-part episode on a man convicted of killing his wife and the hitman he asked to do the crime.

Thomas Randolph, also known as the Black Widower, had been married six times. And out of those six spouses, four were dead by the time he went on trial in 2017 for the murder of Sharon, wife number six.  Randolph had previously been tried for the murder of wife number two.

Randolph was never convicted of killing any of them but had gone on trial in the 1986 death of his second wife Becky (Gault) Randolph. The jury found him not guilty of the murder.

Sharon Randolph

After the 2008 murder of his wife and the other man, Michael Miller, police tracked Randolph down in 2009 and arrested him in Utah.

Prosecutors charged him with his wife’s murder and the murder of Miller, who they say Randolph hired to kill his wife which would allow Randolph to collect hundreds of thousands of dollars from an insurance claim.

At the end of the trial the jury sided with the prosecution believing that Randolph actually killed both Miller and his wife Sharon and then staged an elaborate home invasion story to investigators. It even included an on-camera walk through of the home where the two were killed.

Becky Randolph

In a strange turn of fate in the last month, the Nevada Supreme Court reversed his convictions and paved the way for a new trial. The justices wrote that the jury should not have heard evidence about the 1986 death of his former wife Becky Randolph.

According to Las Vegas media reports, Nevada state law does not allow evidence of previous “bad acts,” unless prosecutors prove “something other than the defendant’s criminal propensity,” according to the high court’s decision.

For years, investigative journalist Melissa McCarty has stayed in touch with Randolph on Nevada’s death row. In the premiere episode of Killer Genes, she has an exclusive interview with Randolph.

When asked about the court’s ruling Randolph said, “I’m just happy as can be because, as I told everybody, I didn’t do this. I didn’t kill Becky. I didn’t kill Sharon. And I think I’m more happy not with the fact that I’m getting a new trial, I’m more happy that the system didn’t let me down like it’s let down so many other people. Like it had let me down for going on 13 years.”

McCarty also spoke with Sharon Randolph’s daughter Colleen Beyer. She asked her if she would go to a new trial and the reply was an enthusiastic “Yes. Everybody needs to know he’s guilty. He’s 100% guilty.”

Beyer went on to say, “It’s painful, but I’m mad now. This is just not right, this is not justice for me and my family. He can’t get out, he’s a killer he will do it again.”

Thomas’s Daughter Krista Randolph also spoke to McCarty about the high court’s reversal. “I’m speechless, that’s awesome. Wow wow.  I’m in total shock. This never happens. OMG this made my day, my life.”

Melissa McCarty and Kelly McLear

For McCarty and McLear, the Randolph murders are just the beginning. They say in upcoming episodes of Killer Genes they will investigate a father serving life for killing his daughter who says he’s innocent and uncover evidence his daughter, whose body was never found, may actually be alive.

They will also be looking into the murder of a beloved Delaware teacher, a father of two and beer distribution mogul assassinated at his front door, a man wrongly convicted for 13 years tells who tells his story, and a serial killer who is finally captured thanks to genealogy tools.