What happened to Jimmy Hoffa? Las Vegas event addresses fact and fiction

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) —A decades-old question of what happened to Jimmy Hoffa was the center of a local panel Wednesday, as three experts discussed a variety of theories.

The legendary Teamsters leader vanished on July 30, 1975, in the parking lot of a restaurant outside Detroit, Michigan. His body was never found, but he was declared legally dead in 1982. 

What happened to Jimmy Hoffa?” local event attendee Kip Headley asked. 

“Was he done away with?” attendee Bruce Moore added. “Was he cremated?”

The popular motion picture “The Irishman” has sparked a round of fresh dialogue. The plot centers around alleged Mafia hit man Frank Sheeran pulling the trigger and killing Hoffa. 

Therefore, people packed The Mob Museum in Downtown Las Vegas Wednesday night for “Fact, Fiction & The Irishman: The Hoffa Murder.” Three journalists who’ve studied the case for decades discussed the widely accepted theory of Sheeran killing Hoffa. 

They said they don’t believe it’s the right narrative. 

“It was an excellent movie, great cinema,” Mob Museum Senior Director of Content Geoff Schumacher said of ‘The Irishman,’ “Not great history.”

Geoff Schumacher Mob Museum
Geoff Schumacher speaks Wednesday night during an event at the Mob Museum. (KLAS-TV)

“I think we are going to raise a lot of questions,” Schumacher added. “About especially the ending.”

While this 44-year-old mystery is still officially unsolved, some hope this event will give them a better look inside a captivating mystery as they become part of the pursuit of what really happened. 

“We just kind of wondered what’s right and what’s wrong?” Headley added. 

Is he in Giants stadium?” Headley asked. “Is he running around in Las Vegas somewhere?”

For more information on Wednesday’s event at The Mob Museum, click HERE.

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