MYSTERY WIRE — A 1973 UFO sighting in present-day Kazakhstan is the subject of a report in Newsweek, which obtained declassified CIA documents.

The Sary Shagan Weapons Testing Range, part of the Soviet Union when the incident happened, was engaged in testing “laser weapons” during the Cold War.

Something described as “an unidentified sharp (bright) green circular object or mass in the sky” was reported at night when the witness went outside after watching sports on TV. The report indicates the object hovered above the cloud level, though it was a clear sky at the time of the sighting. The object’s size was not included in the documentation.

Newsweek reports:

The sighting got weirder from there: “Within 10 to 15 seconds of observation, the green circle widened and within a brief period of time several green concentric circles formed around the mass. Within minutes the coloring disappeared. There was no sound, such as an explosion, associated with the phenomenon,” the document says

More documents were found by The Black Vault, which filed a Mandatory Declassification Review (MDR) request. Those documents reveal quite a bit about what we knew of the secret testing range, including the site layout and the kinds of warheads they dealt with. Some material was still redacted.

Speculation that Russia and China fund their own studies of UFOs — and possibly of alien technology — continue to surface in reports that urge the United States to take UFOs seriously. At the top of their story, Newsweek used a video clip of former U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid discussing just that with Mystery Wire’s George Knapp.