$35K paid for metal believed to have tie to UFOs


MYSTERY WIRE — How do you put a price on something you think came from an alien world?

If you’re UFO researcher Linda Moulton Howe, maybe you just want to recoup what you’ve spent trying to run tests on it over the past 23 years.

A report on vice.com that drops names like Robert Bigelow, Art Bell and Steve Justice describes the sale of the mysterious chunk of bismuth alloy to To The Stars Academy of Arts & Sciences founder Tom DeLonge for $35,000.

Howe sold the metal to DeLonge because, “I don’t want to stop the science. … And I don’t want to stop what may be the only way they’re going to be able to test this.” DeLonge has the resources to ensure the tests proceed, especially in light of the new agreement between To the Stars and the U.S. Army.

Read the full report here.

Vice describes the tests and what scientists hope to learn from how the object behaves in magnetic fields.

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