‘A different reality’ involved with his encounter, Deep Prasad says


As his experience ended, Deep Prasad describes a feeling of “oneness,” but the disturbing sense that he couldn’t control his actions during the visit still lingers. He likens it to what it must feel like to be a tranquilized horse. Now, Prasad tells investigative reporter George Knapp, he is left with a feeling that there is a completely different reality in play. Previously unaired. Recorded Feb. 18 at the UFO Mega Con in Laughlin, Nevada.

George Knapp: How long do you think the experience lasted? And how did it end?

Deep Prasad: It felt in total about 20 to 30 minutes. Yeah, of just like them showing these 3D objects, like there was sometimes just, there’s one part of where my, where I’m standing, I thought the experience ended and I’m just standing in front of my fridge, just looking at it and I can feel gravity and I can physically feel like I’m, you know, there, and then suddenly it just stops and I’m back in my own body, like back lying in the bed and seeing them, as they’re flipping these holograms. I was like, holy crap, I thought this was over. How do they do that? So, how it ended was the last couple minutes, this being jumps up on top of my bed and l feel extreme euphoria come across. Like an extreme bliss … the word that came to my mind was “oneness,” even though that had no meaning to me back then. That was the best way that I can describe it. So they had this like, yeah, I’m going through this like just a bunch of thoughts. And, I don’t know, I was in a state of just being where it felt like … I described it as the universe being sentient … like it was acknowledging my existence and it felt like I was remembering this that like I always knew this somehow our and I always knew that I would come to this day that this experience would happen and I would realize this. It was just such a strange alien feeling.

Knapp: Seems like it wanted to get your attention. Okay, you wanted to know. Here you go.

Prasad: Pretty safe to say. And the real deal is terrifying. The whole thing was peaceful in the end of the day, right? Like they didn’t harm me or anything like that. But to be in that position where you just feel like a complete animal, you have no control. You know, you’re like some tranquilized horse. That’s like the way that they were treating me like that’s, you know, kind of feeling that I got.

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  3. ‘A different reality’ involved with his encounter, Deep Prasad says

Knapp: What do you think about … were you physically taken out of your home and onto a ship? Or it was a part of you, or an essence of you, or mentally you were taken out? What do you think?

Prasad: So frankly, I think that they live in a deeper reality than ours that is different … we can’t reduce it to physical or nonphysical. It’s something else. And that’s what I’d like to talk about in my talk is how do we approach that. The idea that we might be … consider dreams, right? I mentioned before, if we follow just quantum physics, the most stringent interpretation of it, we can only say that whatever we measure is the only thing that exists. And so if you’re in your dream, that’s the only thing you can measure are your dream characters. That’s all that exists. You can’t say that, you know, the real world exists still, because you can’t prove it. You can’t prove it to your dream characters.

Knapp: You need a new … I guess you do need a new scientific model to be able to deal with things that are outside these very rigid guidelines.

Prasad: Exactly. Exactly. So, so hard to say for me to … yeah, that I was either in my room or in their ship. It feels like it could have been either or none. And so, and I think it was neither.

Knapp: Well they wanted to make an impression I guess they did.

Prasad: They did. It kickstarted all of this, you know, I guess you wouldn’t be here.

Knapp: You could use the term alien and people think alien or ET but not necessarily.

Prasad: No, not at all. And that was one of the things I was constant. Like, it came to my mind a few times. I was like, are these really aliens? Like, they look like them, sure. But there’s an etheric aspect to it. Like everything is very aesthetic with them. And it just seems so real like they could sometimes phase in and out of our world. They could be like somewhat translucent to completely solid and real. It was very strange.

Knapp: You have a company in Canada, and you deal with investors, you’re in the … is there a risk there of mixing these two?

Prasad: Huge risk. Yeah. So, for example, when you’re raising money, the investors do crazy amounts of due diligence. They do technical due diligence. They get their chief scientist to look at your technology, see if you actually know what you’re talking about. They look at your online presence, or you a controversial character. All these things come into mind. And so when I’m going to raise my next round, right, like, for example, I’m lucky to have raised money for my company from Bloomberg before I got into the whole UFO space. So I was at least able to get that. But now if I go — when I go — to raise my next round, which will be in a few months, I’ll have to answer to the investors that I’m asking money from.

Knapp: You’re raising money to do what? What’s your company doing?

Prasad: So my company is working with quantum computers, and we’re researching NISQ algorithms. So, NISQ stands for “noisy intermediate scale quantum.” And so what that means is that we’re in the era of where we have these metaphorically small quantum computers. They’re huge physically, but they can’t compute a lot of information, and they can’t store a lot of information. And all the calculations done on them are somewhat noisy. So what we research, and any company in the field right now is, what can we do with these devices? We know they’re doing something unique. We know that they’re processing quantum information, but how can we apply it to the real world? So my company researches different ways of doing that and we act as like, research consultants.

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