MYSTERY WIRE — Sourced, documented, and presented better than ever, Popular Mechanics takes us:

Inside the Pentagon’s secret UFO program

We can’t say enough about Tim McMillan’s Feb. 14 article that hits all the high notes and provides a service to the UFO community by organizing a sometimes-confusing timeline and presenting established details about AATIP, AAWSAP and BAASS in a compelling fashion.

The must-read article comes just a month after Popular Mechanics performed a similar service with a history of the “Tic Tac” video.

Don’t miss the revelations in “Part V: The Admission,” deep into the article. The section includes references to an important part of the story, a previously unreleased technical paper titled, “Field Effects on Biological Tissue.”

The central roles of Robert Bigelow, Harry Reid, Luis Elizondo and many others are explained in a concise article that you just have to bookmark for future reference.

We also give a nod of appreciation for the article’s references to our own George Knapp, who has done so much to advance the coverage of the UFO topic — both in substance and in standard.

BELOW: Links to Mystery Wire’s long-form interviews with many of the subjects in the article, including rare video of Robert Bigelow.

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