Alien encounter recorded in 2009 near largest US nuclear plant

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A 1960 formation of UFOs seen from Canada to Mexico.

MYSTERY WIRE — A huge triangle-shaped UFO reported over the desert west of Phoenix flashed lights at a group of four witnesses as they watched, unable to move at all. Two people standing in the desert and two people who remained in a car said they saw aliens — some as tall as 9 feet — leave the ship and approach within 20 yards.

The witnesses claim they communicated with the aliens through telepathy for 15-20 minutes as the UFO hovered 30 feet over the desert floor. The UFO was described as about 300 yards long.

The fantastic account was submitted to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC), and is summarized on the Phantoms & Monsters website.

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The location is near the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station, the nation’s largest nuclear plant. That’s in the desert near Tonopah, Arizona, about 50 miles west of downtown Phoenix. The site is known for a number of other UFO/alien accounts, including “rumors that a deep underground facility is nearby,” the website reports.

Arizona is a hotbed for UFO reports, and the Phoenix Lights (March 13, 1997) are a well known phenomenon in the UFO community:

After the UFO left — in a split second, according to the witnesses — three military helicopters and two Humvees arrived at the scene. After questioning them, soldiers confiscated a video camera and warned them not to speak of the incident.

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