Hudson River Valley flying triangles recorded and researched


MYSTERY WIRE — Certain parts of the country are known as UFO hot spots, places where unknown aircraft are seen by multiple witnesses over a long period of time.

Dr. Bruce Cornet is a scientist who has studied these hot spots and says he has seen the mystery craft with his own eyes.

Some of those sightings happened in areas of the country that were documented by astronomer Dr. J. Allen Hynek in the government’s Project Blue Book.

This included New York’s Hudson Valley, a place where thousands of witnesses have reported seeing mysterious aircraft. In the mid-eighties, the Hudson River Valley was the home to many UFO incidents. During this time, thousands of police reports were called in about UFOs, sometimes traffic would come to a stop as people looked skyward.

The sightings did not stop and are still being reported to this day.

Dr. Cornet was drawn to the Hudson Valley and spent years in the field speaking to witnesses. He clearly recalls the night he saw a mystery aircraft that changed its shape.

“It was a series of lights in a row. and it looked like a cigar shaped object coming up over the ridge,” Dr. Cornet told Mystery Wire. “And as it got over the ridge, it spread wings out, the wings just folded out and lights that were on the wingtips, you could see them on the photograph coming out. So then it flattened out, and then banked towards the other side of the valley, and turned on sound. So not only did it unfold wings, but it turned on sound.”

Dr. Cornet has a lengthy and acclaimed scientific background. He has a bachelor’s degree in biology and a master’s degree in paleobotany from the University of Connecticut followed by earning his Ph.D. in geology and palynology (the study of fossil spores and pollen, used to age date rocks) from Penn State.

Before retiring and devoting more time to writing and researching UAPs and abduction cases, Cornet worked in Houston with Gulf Research & Development, Exxon USA, Mobil Oil Corporation, and Superior Oil Company and was a researcher at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (part of Columbia University).

During several of his own sightings, Cornet recorded and analyzed the sound of the craft he was observing. He claims some craft use the sound of common jets to blend in with normal human surroundings.

The image below shows what Cornet says is the reverse Doppler effect when one of the craft passed directly over him.

He also videotaped this event and has since shared it and described it on his YouTube channel.

“On Friday 6 August 1993 at least three Unconventional Craft (UAP) traveled West from the Hudson River across Orange County, NY, until they reached Middletown, Chester and Maybrook, where they turned back East, returning from where they originated. Many people witnessed this mini-Flap, and it became the subject of a Sightings TV show on 21 May 1993.”

Dr. Bruce Cornet

His years of research eventually led him to work for the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS), a special investigative group created by billionaire Robert Bigelow, who at that time had just purchased a place now known as Skinwalker Ranch.

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