After talking in detail about possible reasons behind cattle mutilations in the Southwest United States, John Lear says something is expected to happen soon in the release of information about alien encounters. Investigative journalists George Knapp interviews Lear in the third segment “On the Record,” which aired on Jan. 28, 1988 on KLAS TV in Las Vegas. Last of 3 Parts.

John Lear’s 1988 “On the Record
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George Knapp:  Welcome back to On The Record. The subject is UFOs. We’re about to see part of a documentary. John, perhaps you could introduce it. It deals with the 14,000 cattle mutilations that happened.

John Lear: That’s right. And they were particularly prevalent around Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah, and it was a documentary made by Linda Moulton Howe, for the CBS affiliate in Denver.

Knapp: And let’s take a look at that now, a piece of it.

Linda Moulton Howe: Cattle are going to die each year from hard winters, disease, lightning strikes, predator attacks and other natural causes. But in northeastern Colorado, another favorite spot for the mutilators, Tex Graves, former Sheriff of Logan County insists the 93 mutilated carcasses he investigated were not natural deaths.

Tex Graves.

Tex Graves: The very first one we had was southwest of Sterling. When we first looked at it, it was just unbelievable that you could take an animal and do this to without leaving some kind of track, some kind of evidence behind, such as cigarette butts, matches, handprints, footprints. But there was nothing. The animal looked almost horrible, and it was something that I didn’t really want to believe then. And there was … we probably had had five, six others before I really did believe something strange was going on. We had one up north where we believe the animal was paralyzed and was alive when it was being mutilated. An eye and an ear, the tongue, the rectal area was taken out, but the animal dug a hole with its head. But none of the other parts of the body moved. Not even the legs. North of town on a very hard pasture, almost like hard brick, we found tripod marks 12 inches across, the tripod marks were 14 feet apart. We found one set that had gone in the ground roughly eight inches. And it would take a good post hole digger or shovel to dig in like this. It indicated something very heavy had set down in this area, yet there was no tracks leading from it, nor to it. Almost nightly when this was going on we could pick out a very brilliant, huge, brilliant light in the sky. And we had a newsman take pictures of it with a very high-powered lens, but all we got out of this was the movement of it and the light showing very brilliant. Several times we observed smaller lights come out of this aircraft and then come down toward Earth. This huge brilliant light would hang in the air and then when it would move it could move up and down, backwards forwards, travel very rapidly, and after a while the smaller lights would join up with the larger one and then they’d disappear.

The site of a cattle mutilation in Colorado.

Howe: Lou Girodo is the chief investigator for the District Attorney’s office in Trinidad, Colorado. Extraterrestrials are the ones mutilating animals. What do you think the implications are then for this planet?

Lou Girodo: Throughout the mutilations, all of us involved and concerned with the possibility of the mutilations going from animals to human beings, understandably. Thank God to this point, it hasn’t happened. Whatever they’re doing with the portions of these animals they are taking, I haven’t the slightest idea. There’s a reason for it. It’s not haphazard. There’s a pattern to it. I don’t know, I think it’s a wait and see game. What else can we do? If we do have beings from outer space doing this, with the capabilities to do things like this, what can we as a human race do? If they have the knowledge and the technology that it looks like they have, we’re powerless. So maybe it’s a wait and see game. I can’t see anything else to do.

Knapp: Well, he says the mutilations have not gone from animals to humans yet. Do you agree with that?

John Lear, aviation pioneer and UFO researcher. (KLAS-TV)

Lear: There have been some humans. It’s a very, very sensitive subject. I’m going to steer away from that. But I will tell you that since the beginning of this year, there have been over 200 animal mutilations on Long Island. It’s supposedly a big secret. I know that there’s four major law enforcement investigations. Investigators working in plain clothes.

Knapp: On Long Island, New York?

Lear: Yep, Long Island, New York. We have an investigator working with us who’s sending us videotape and keeping us informed of what’s going on. So it still is a problem.

Knapp: And you say it’s food, that’s what they’re doing?

Lear: Well, food or genetic experiments, take your choice.

Knapp: Now, it hasn’t gone maybe to the point of where they’re mutilating humans, but you do believe there are abductions and you also believe that at one point, there may have been some kind of a clash between American military forces and these UFOs.

Lear: That’s one of the stories, when we began to discover what I call the grand deception, was in 1979. And apparently, there was some kind of clash. 1983 is the date that I call that we finally recognized that we had made a disastrous mistake. And that’s when MJ-12 realized that they were in deep, deep trouble. They had made a deal with these people, and it had not worked out, and now the question was, what to do?

Knapp: You’ve got about a minute left. What would you like to say to people out there to prepare them for it? Now you’ve made allusions a couple of times when I’ve had you on the program that something is coming. We’ve heard that before something is coming. Why do you think something is coming? What’s coming? And how should we get ready for it?

Lear: There’s really no way to get ready for it. The reason I think it’s coming is because I have contacts within the government that tell me that they’re bracing themselves for something, but they’re not going to tell us about it. George, maybe the coverup was in our best interest. Maybe not. Maybe the government underestimated the intelligence of the American people and decided we just couldn’t handle it. But let me tell you this, the truth is still the truth, and nothing can change that. Not the military, not the government and not me.

Knapp: John Lear, thank you very much. It’s always a pleasure to have you here and I’m sure we’ll have you back again.

Lear: Thank you.

Knapp: Thank you as well. See you next week with more of On The Record.


John Lear “On the Record” – 1987 interview
John Lear “On the Record” – 1988 interview