Close encounter of the island kind – Part 2


MYSTERY WIRE — The coronavirus pandemic is being felt around the world, some would call the effect a shared experience. Shared experiences do not only involve pandemic, even UFO encounters are a global shared experience.

We recently spoke with a leading UFO researcher, J.P. Hague, who lives on the small island nation of Mauritius . Just before leaving the United States, he spoke to us about his close encounter. Mauritius is an island republic off the eastern coast of Africa, a strategically important part of the world. Residents have reported spectacular UFO sightings over the years.


GEORGE: Does your government look into this stuff? Did the government respond to it? Were there comments? No official spokespersons?

JP HAGUE: There is so little government response, if any, in Mauritius and so little media coverage that I tend to think that there are probably under the orders of greater powers. Mauritius has very strong links to the US; the first ever US console or on envoy to leave the US and go abroad was a Mr. Pike in 1875 who came to Mauritius because Mauritius really contributed to the War of Independence on it for the American’s freedom. So there is this symbolic link between the two countries and the former prime minister is the Son of the Father of independence. So I see Russia has very good ties with the two nations, the UK in the US, the current prime minister and the government are more closely aligned to India. So I don’t believe that he will have been as well read in as perhaps the former prime minister.

GEORGE: Mauritius has its own military forces?

JP HAGUE: Well, it has, excuse me, it has a special military police force, but not an army.

GEORGE: More like a Home Guard.

JP HAGUE: Exactly. And I’ve interviewed one of the members of that police force who basically helps to guard a raid on satellite bases and a regular satellite base, basically, we know that these satellite receivers can go far beyond atmospheric conditions and look into space. And I think they’re looking into space in order to try and monitor or detect what is manifesting or appearing outside of Earth’s atmosphere. And it just so happens there is also a site in perfect alignment with this base, called the vortex, which is said to be an energetic sensor. It was meant to be onshore or near to a beach. But I believe that this is either moved or the information was inaccurate because I personally sense the energy from the sea as do others. But the base is in perfect alignment with that location. And it would make sense to be as closely positioned as possible to the site in order to try and pick it up. There’ve been extra terrestrial related stories from people that work at the vortex site who have said that white, pale complexion, men and women have shown up In a 1950s Cadillac. that was in 2004, there is no owner of a Cadillac or Mauritius as far as I’m aware. They were extremely beautiful both sexes. And they communicated with him telepathically, not one word was verbally spoken to him. And I was informed that they basically stood in a circle and performed the type of ritual or ceremony where it felt like they were moving the energy of the site, which I believe has now moved closer to the base, which is now being constructed nearby.

GEORGE: The base?

JP HAGUE: I interviewed a military policeman who works there. And he says that they’re not being told about a deep underground base that they can hear and are aware of that’s directly beneath a satellite receiver. And my bet would be that there aren’t any Mauritian personnel in that base that will be entirely US intelligence led and international intelligence.

GEORGE: Did you think there really is an underground facility there?

JP HAGUE: Absolutely, George. Yeah.

GEORGE: Where is Mauritius and connection to Diego Garcia

JP HAGUE: Mauritius is part of what’s called the master marine islands which comprises Reunion Island, which is currently owned by France. Mauritius’s sister island is called Rodrigue Island, which is a few hundred miles off the east coast. Diego Garcia forms part of what’s called the Chagossians Islands. And these islands are several hundred miles away from the northeast. During the independence process, the UK were under great pressure from the Johnson and Kennedy administration’s to carve out this archipelago in order to retain it and allow the US to set up a military base and Air Force Base. It’s been a matter of great controversy. There’s still ongoing hearings and indeed legal action that’s taking place within the courts. Texts of the UN, who have given us a legally non-binding opinion and advisory opinion to release the islands and return them to Mauritius. What does that mean in reality? I don’t think it means a physical return of the islands in terms of the use. I think it would probably mean just, you know, the US paying a rent directly to Mauritius, as opposed to the UK who have current lease holders under the British Indian Ocean territory.


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