Close encounter of the island kind – Part 4


MYSTERY WIRE — The coronavirus pandemic is being felt around the world, some would call the effect a shared experience. Shared experiences do not only involve pandemic, even UFO encounters are a global shared experience.

We recently spoke with a leading UFO researcher, J.P. Hague, who lives on the small island nation of Mauritius . Just before leaving the United States, he spoke to us about his close encounter. Mauritius is an island republic off the eastern coast of Africa, a strategically important part of the world. Residents have reported spectacular UFO sightings over the years.


GEORGE: I know you don’t want to get into peripheral topics but you know UFO sightings are one thing. There are associated phenomena that are even stranger so if you think the possibility of extraterrestrials or whatever that is here on the strangeness there are related, are there things that you’re aware of that go beyond seeing something in the sky?

JP HAGUE: I’ve had experiences inside my home, which are confusing to say the least in terms of I’ve been surrounded by beings that were in a kind of a lucid dream state at the time, and I wasn’t sure whether I was dreaming or whether I was actually awake, and they were around me in my bedroom. But what was amazing was to back up that experience two weeks later. I’m at a birthday party with a friend. And I met one of the few master photographers on the island, who’s an Australian national who happens to work with the likes of Conde Nast. And he has a very good eye for detail and for good photos. That very morning, at that precise moment in time at 4 a.m., for the first time in his life, he told me that he stopped his car by the side of the motorway, about a mile or so away from our home, because he saw a UFO in the sky, and it happened to be exactly over our home. He took a photo on his iPhone, and the timestamp was exactly at 4 a.m. So I had physical evidence or corroboration of a metaphysical event that was happening to me at that precise moment in time.

GEORGE: Doesn’t seem like it’s interested in you either?

JP HAGUE: There are no absolutes in this field. Somebody who says to you it is this way, this is the truth with a capital T is someone that needs to be treated with caution in my opinion. So I know nothing. I know a little, but I’ve had some extraordinary experiences like many others, including your good friend, Robbie Williams.

GEORGE: You don’t want to lock yourself into a theory or position because the fact is, nobody really knows. Nobody knows.


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