Close encounter of the island kind – Part 5


MYSTERY WIRE — The coronavirus pandemic is being felt around the world, some would call the effect a shared experience. Shared experiences do not only involve pandemic, even UFO encounters are a global shared experience.

We recently spoke with a leading UFO researcher, J.P. Hague, who lives on the small island nation of Mauritius . Just before leaving the United States, he spoke to us about his close encounter. Mauritius is an island republic off the eastern coast of Africa, a strategically important part of the world. Residents have reported spectacular UFO sightings over the years.


JP HAGUE: As a family, it’s a much better situation in the UK, in terms of the rat race, and you know, having to transport yourself into London, the epicenter of the legal world, and all the rest of it. So it’s a republic. It gained independence from the British In 1968, and became a republic in 1994. And it’s still catching up. There’s still a vacuum post colonization. I mean, the whole history of the modern history of Mauritius is colonial, French, Dutch. It began with the Portuguese who stopped on the way on the spice route. But they were using Mozambique as their main port of call. So it really served as a refreshing station and you know, for repairing ships. And then the Dutch arrived in the 17th century, and they were the first colonizers of the island. But it was largely a failure. It lasted about 100 years. However, you know, they perish due to disease, famine, and lack of good management. Basically, it was the Dutch that sadly introduced slavery to the island. They then abandoned the island and there was a 10 year period between which the French were eyeing up the island and then they arrived. So they were there for about 100 years, just under 100 years, I believe. The British came and it’s been, it was over 120 years of colonization,

GEORGE: How many people live there?

JP HAGUE: There’s the population of Mauritius is 1.3 million, of which around 80% live around the capital city of Port Lewis. The main industries are tourism, textiles, and sugarcane. But unfortunately, these are declining at the moment with the, you know, international economic crisis that happened in 2008. However, the tourism industry is doing fairly well. But again, that’s subject to external economic factors. People come there to see what wildlife they chill out on some of the best beaches in the world, some of the finest hotels in the world. And there are many things to see actually for a very small island as far as colored in seven different tones. You can go for amazing hikes up the mountains, it’s a volcanic island. There’s a lot to see for a very small place. Historically, it’s the only location on earth that we saw the inhabitant of the flying dodo. The dodo is a sort of a joke because the wings were so small it couldn’t fly.


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