Close encounter of the island kind – Part 6


MYSTERY WIRE — The coronavirus pandemic is being felt around the world, some would call the effect a shared experience. Shared experiences do not only involve pandemic, even UFO encounters are a global shared experience.

We recently spoke with a leading UFO researcher, J.P. Hague, who lives on the small island nation of Mauritius . Just before leaving the United States, he spoke to us about his close encounter. Mauritius is an island republic off the eastern coast of Africa, a strategically important part of the world. Residents have reported spectacular UFO sightings over the years.


GEORGE: I’m just wondering if any of the activity that we’re talking about is related to something going on on Diego Garcia? Because my understanding and it’s this thing is that that’s a very important listening post for the US national security site, eyes and ears, spy equipment so we can keep an eye on that part of the world.

JP HAGUE: I agree. I’ve heard reports from a credible source who’s deeply involved in UFO math in the UFO research community, and he has had many people from the military contact Back to saying that there was a deep underground base beneath the ocean that a secret space force is and has been developed. And then it may be in conjunction with a visiting species from elsewhere.

GEORGE: Here you are talking about secret underground bases and a visiting species from outer space, something like that. You’re an attorney, right? Is it okay for you to be public about this and your profession on the island?

JP HAGUE: My opinion is, is that it doesn’t really matter what other people think, people, those who know me and know the quality of my work and my advice and, you know, indeed, in my personal capacity as a father and a family, man, and a friend, they can form their opinion of me as they, as they see fit. My attitude much like yours, George, is to speak the truth as I see it, and as I see it fit. So, you know, I have actual evidence or proof, if you will, of my experiences. I’ve got photographs. videos, other witnesses, all these factors play a role in legal cases. So why shouldn’t they apply in the field of UFOs and extraterrestrial visitation.

GEORGE: So you acknowledge it, and maybe you don’t advertise it, but you don’t run from it either.

JP HAGUE: I don’t. And in fact, I was recently invited to speak at the UFO, Laughlin megacon, which came to me, and it was an absolute pleasure to prepare the slides and the information and speak about it publicly. You’re a personal hero of mine, obviously, because of the Area 51 story and all the subsequent work you’ve done, which is why I wanted to get in touch with you. Because I see a group of an expanding group of credible individuals and professionals who are all coming together, to share their stories and to speak the truth to inform others. The whole point of having knowledge is to transmit because otherwise knowledge is meaningless. How do we change our civilization unless we see it as placed within the greater Cosmos as we see it. So how do we improve the way that we are behaving towards ourselves and therefore towards each other? We wish this is a developing country and I sympathize with the situation that it’s in in terms of it’s a post colonial country. But that’s no longer an excuse. If you see a dustbin and you decide to dump your household waste on a beautiful green space and paradise. That’s not acceptable by any standards. So how do we combat that? It’s not by punishment. It’s by leading by example, and showing the right course of action. And I feel that this subject ultimately leads towards spirituality and the sense of self and our place within the cosmos as a whole.


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