MYSTERY WIRE — Episode 4 of the Mystery Wire podcast brings George Knapp and the crew into new territory, with a discussion of coronavirus. We also hear some of George’s personal experiences at SkinWalker Ranch, as well as how the UFO topic touches American politics.

Duncan Phenix, who joined Mystery Wire a few weeks ago, joins the podcast. He’s got a television journalism background that has taken him to newsrooms in Kansas, Michigan, Memphis, Missouri, Seattle and Las Vegas, which he as called home for almost 10 years now.

Conspiracy theories and strange angles surrounding the coronavirus pandemic are big news as the world deals with illnesses and cancellations. A story we posted Thursday on Mystery Wire tells how aerospace entrepreneur Robert Bigelow and Dr. Colm Kelleher crafted a proposal for an underground ark to save humanity in case of a deadly pandemic. It happened 8 years agoe, but it’s almost like it’s been ripped from today’s headlines. We’re looking for stories like this all the time as we scour the web. Stay on top of recent developments — but a little off the beaten path — as we bring you a growing roundup of coverage.

A wide-ranging conversation about Skinwalker Ranch, prompted by this week’s news about the identity of the man who bought the ranch from aerospace entrepreneur Robert Bigelow, takes us down some strange paths. George says Brandon Fugal, a Utah commercial real estate mogul, is likely to continue investigations at the ranch that started under Bigelow. Fugal has high tech gear at the ranch to help with observations.

Moderator Ron Futrell takes the conversation to a topic from March 3 on Mystery Wire, when George interviewed reporter Daymond Steer of the Conway Daily Sun, a New Hampshire newspaper. When the nation’s first primary comes through New Hampshire each year, Steer asks each candidate about their thoughts on the UFO topic. Since the disclosures in December, 2017, candidates are treating the topic more seriously.

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