Falcon Lake papers among UFO research sent to Canadian university


MYSTERY WIRE — He’s written books and amassed well over 30,000 documents during his UFO research over a 40-year career as an educator and science writer.

Now Chris Rutkowski is turning over his collection to the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, which will soon begin a massive project to digitize the documents to make them available to researchers around the world.

Read more in this report from vice.com.

He’s the authority on the 1967 Falcon Lake incident, a Canadian incident that Rutkowski says is better documented than the Roswell, New Mexico, reports from 1947. The Falcon Lake is in “When They Appeared,” written with Stan Michalak.

Rutkowski’s collection has been compared to the research from Stan Friedman, who died this year. Digitization of that collection is also under way.

And Canada continues to produce UFO reports. Rutkowski is interviewed in this 2015 video posted by a Winnipeg TV station:

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