FBI agent relates encounters, memory lapses and a strange meeting

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MYSTERY WIRE — A retired FBI agent who asked for anonymity tells a disturbing story about an odd encounter, UFO sightings, a string of lost memories and a gathering of people with similar experiences.

The agent’s story appears on The UFO Chronicles, a website from the authors of “Confession: Our Hidden Alien Encounters Revealed.”

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Three distinct incidents involve:

  • Waking to discover “what appeared to be a person” standing next to his bed, but seemingly vanished after it left the room.
  • A social get-together in which a strange light was seen, followed by memory lapses of many in the group of friends.
  • A separate social event in which the agent had no recall of a UFO sighting that others in the group claim to have experienced.

And if those accounts aren’t odd enough, the agent recalls attending a meeting of experiencers — all with government or military ties. He told his story at the event, but he can’t recall details of anyone else’s story. He was reassured at the event, you are “not alone” and several publications were “recommended reading.” At the top of that list, “Communion,” by Whitley Strieber.

Writing about the agent’s disclosure, Robert Hastings describes the meeting as “stunning,” given all the restrictions placed on members of the military discussing certain topics.

I do not recall any other specific stories, just that I did relate mine in detail to the group and was told afterward by one or more persons that they had experienced similar events. The purpose of the meeting was obviously to share similar experiences and information, perhaps at least in part to allay our fears, and by directing our attention to recent publications detailing the phenomena.

Retired FBI agent

Hastings concludes there were people in the military and intelligence community that were aware of the “UFO abduction phenomenon.”

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