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Maria Lax Finland

MYSTERY WIRE — As she set about telling the story of “a little town with a big secret,” photographer Maria Lax drew on her family’s past and her skills in capturing light with her camera.

The result is “Some Kind of Heavenly Fire,” published by Sentanta Books. It’s the story of her hometown in northern Finland, known for UFO sightings dating back 100 years.

“Most pass through the town without ever knowing it was a hotspot for UFO sightings in the 1960s,” she says.

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The Wired article compares Pudasjärvi, a town of about 8,400, to Roswell, New Mexico.

But a deeper examination of Lax’s work shows a story woven into the community — a part of the town’s culture. Her grandfather, Soini Lax, wrote a book in the 1970s describing strange stories from sightings in the 1960s.

Over the few years I worked on this project I interviewed several people in the town, and all their accounts are remarkably similar. Colourful lights would follow cars, or people walking home alone. The lights would be silent, pulsating in different colours before disappearing into the sky. Sometimes bright lights would wake people up in their homes in the middle of the night — and would again vanish without a trace.

Maria Lax, quoted in an article by The Guardian

See more of Lax’s work on Instagram.

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