First British astronaut: ‘Aliens exist’ and other bold thoughts

Helen Sharman

Dr. Helen Sharman (Photo by Anne-Katrin Purkiss)

MYSTERY WIRE — Helen Sharman broke barriers on her path to becoming Britain’s first astronaut.

“People often describe me as the first British woman in space, but I was actually the first British person. It’s telling that we would otherwise assume it was a man,” Sharman told The Guardian in an interview published Sunday.

She’s testing another barrier with this assertion: Aliens could be among us right now.

Aliens exist, there’s no two ways about it. There are so many billions of stars out there in the universe that there must be all sorts of different forms of life. Will they be like you and me, made up of carbon and nitrogen? Maybe not. It’s possible they’re here right now and we simply can’t see them.

Helen Sharman
First British astronaut, quoted in a Jan. 5 interview with The Guardian.

If that’s a stunner, think about aliens in a different way — life forms of ANY kind that at some point in their history came to Earth from somewhere else. Sharman isn’t talking about shape-shifters wearing trench coats to hide their green skin.

Sharman was aboard Soyuz TM-12 when it docked with the Mir space station on May 26, 1991.

Other astronauts have gone beyond Sharman’s statements, but as a government agency, NASA controls everything it can about what is said publicly.

Major Gordon Cooper orbited Earth 22 times in 1963 on NASA’s Mercury mission. He described a “glowing, greenish object” in reports to the tracking station. Although NBC reported Cooper’s comments, media were not given access to ask about the sighting when Cooper returned to Earth.

Cooper later said:

For many years I have lived with a secret, in a secrecy imposed on all specialists in astronautics. I can now reveal that every day, in the USA, our radar instruments capture objects of form and composition unknown to us. And there are thousands of witness reports and a quantity of documents to prove this, but nobody wants to make them public. Why? Because authority is afraid that people ma think of God knows what kind of horrible invaders. So the password still is: We have to avoid panic by all means.

Major Gordon Cooper, in comments reported on

How long have these sightings been kept under wraps? The Mercury mission sighting occurred on May 15, 1963. Sharman was born 15 days after that. She’s now 56.

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