MYSTERY WIRE — In a new interview Rep. Mike Garcia (R) says he was airborne, flying with the US Navy at the same time the now infamous Tic Tac UFO encounter took place.

Rep. Garcia represents California’s 25th district, which is just northeast of Los Angeles.

US Rep. Mike Garcia (R-CA)

According to his biography on his official House page, he was a highly decorated United States Naval Officer, flying one of the first F/A-18 Super Hornet strike fighters in the Navy. Rep. Garcia also flew more than 30 combat missions during Operation Iraqi Freedom in the skies above Baghdad, Fallujah, and Tikrit, according to his bio.

In the interview published by Roll Call, Rep. Garcia talks about being stationed on the USS Nimitz. And in 2004, he said he was about 100 miles away from the encounters, but was able to hear the radio communication happening in real time.

Here is what Rep. Garcia told Roll Call when asked if he ever saw a UFO:

“I never saw one myself, but I was airborne when the 2004 incident happened. It was about 100 miles or so away from me, so I heard a lot of the communications going on. It was one of those things that you couldn’t believe it when you heard it. The guys who actually saw it weren’t allowed to talk about it until just recently, so we couldn’t even ask questions. 
I’m intrigued by it. I don’t know that it’s extraterrestrial — I do believe it’s man-made. And I’m not going to presuppose where it comes from, but I hope it’s American-made. It goes to show that we’ve got to continue to invest in our military technologies and not take it for granted that we are the only superpower out there. We have peer threats out there nowadays, not just near-peer threats. China and Russia have advanced capabilities that we don’t even know about. 
I do think it would be an amazing coincidence if we were the only life forms in this universe. That’s why we’ve got to invest in space programs to start answering some of these questions we all have and maybe one day see the extension of God’s creations on other planets.”

Roll Call, Sep. 17, 2021