MYSTERY WIRE — On June 25th the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) published the long-awaited unclassified UFO report to Congress. The unclassified report is nine pages long, including the title page and two appendix pages.

This week, the ODNI told John Greenewald, the creator of the website The Black Vault, the classified version of the UFO report is 17 pages long.

Image of email published by The Black Vault from the ODNI.

In the days leading up to the June 25, 2021 release of the unclassified report, Mystery Wire was told by a reliable source that there was a classified UFO report to Congress that was 78 pages long.

Greenewald is well known for his work getting the government to turn over material by using the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). However, Greenewald wrote that the statement he received from the ODNI “was done so through communication regarding an open case filed by The Black Vault under 32 CFR § 1704. This case, filed the morning after ODNI delivered the classified report to Congress, initiated a “mandatory declassification review” or MDR of the classified document.”