Historic photos of UFOs add to today’s wider discussions


Possibly the earliest known photo of a UFO, taken from New Hampshire’s Mount Washington in 1870. (Wikimedia Commons)

Photographic evidence is important in the effort to understand UFOs, and it’s also vigorously disputed. But as the conversation about the existence of “real” UFOs reaches a wider audience, it’s interesting to look back at photos that withstood scrutiny over the years.

The Telegraph of London has published a photo gallery showing 28 of those images. The gallery is labeled “140 years of UFO sightings – Part 1,” so there must be more to come.

The images include a shot from 1870, claimed to be the earliest picture of a UFO. The photo was taken at Mount Washington in New Hampshire.

While UFO reports are prolific in British tabloids, the Telegraph’s coverage is far more conservative. Still, the website does offer some links to its related articles, some of which are more than a decade old.

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