LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Congress is considering legislation to create a new and permanent office to investigate UFO incidents and related phenomena. One of the primary reasons for the renewed interest is the possible link between UFO sightings and nuclear weapons, including a few reported in Southern Nevada. Some of these close encounters go far beyond lights in the sky.

The connection between UFOs and nuclear weapons has been documented as far back as the very first atomic blast– the Trinity Explosion in 1945 New Mexico. Since then, hundreds of former military personnel have come forward with reports of unknown craft buzzing nuclear tests, atomic labs, and missile bases.

A group of former officers told about their encounters at a Washington news conference in October of this year.

Investigator Robert Hastings has obtained hundreds of pages of once-classified Pentagon files about these incidents and has personally interviewed more than 150 retired military officers about ominous encounters involving nuclear weapons.

“UFOs have routinely monitored our nuclear weapons going back decades,” says Hastings.

The national security implications are a major reason Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid co-sponsored a once-secret UFO investigation overseen by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA); however, the UFO-nukes connection is much stranger than mere unknown craft in the sky.

Area 2

On the outskirts of Las Vegas, an obscure part of the Nellis Air Force Base range, designated “Area 2”, has, for decades, been a reputed repository for nuclear warheads.

As many as 200 nukes are said to be stored in Area 2’s bunkers. Three layers of heavily armed air force security teams patrol the area 24/7, watching for any attempted intrusions.

“So on two occasions, we had an alert …where there was an unidentified flying object over Area 2, over the bunkers, “ says JD a former Air Force security officer.

Area 2

This former security officer also said that intrusions didn’t only happen in the sky. There were also multiple incidents of bizarre shadow people seen in and around Area 2, including one dramatic incident from 1991 when security teams were on high alert.

“This person was never found, but the airman that that had seen this, this person described them as being really tall, like seven-foot and moving very fast. It was very strange,” said JD.

Another Area 2 security officer Chris Cabrera heard the stories of shadow people but didn’t know if they were real until he had his own encounter.

Chris Cabrera: “and when I turned around there was this black mass form, I don’t know what you would call it. It looked like a, I don’t even know how to describe it … like it looked like a person but it didn’t have a definitive like shape of the head.”

George Knapp: “like vague, like a mist or ….”

Cabrera: “It was black. It was like, like a dark blob but it had like around the top, like a head almost and almost like the shoulder.”

As with the UFO incidents, the sightings of dark unknown intruders were taken seriously at the time. Officers were on alert as they searched Area 2 but never found a trace of the running figures.

Their commanders told them that “it never happened.”

Investigator Robert Hastings says similar bizarre incidents have been reported at multiple nuclear bases and that none of the mystery encounters in the sky, or on the ground, have ever been solved.