Former Sen. Reid pushing to solve the mystery of UFOs


Editor’s note: Originally aired Jan. 31, 2019, on KLAS TV in Las Vegas.

MYSTERY WIRE — Former Nevada Senator Harry Reid says he is once again bending ears and twisting arms to get his congressional colleagues interested in studying UFOs.

Reid has been out of the spotlight for the last year while battling some health issues.

Now, that he is feeling stronger, he gave his first on-camera interview despite the tough challenges he faced in the last year, Senator Reid has maintained his enthusiasm for UFO research, and the I-Team didn’t have to ask twice for an update.

Back in 2007 when he was Senate Majority Leader, Reid and colleagues initiated a secret Pentagon study of UFOs and related topics. It was based in Nevada and reportedly amassed a gigantic data base of UFO cases, videos, and information. It also produced dozens of scientific papers about advanced technology.

In late 2017, news of the program finally went public. People at the Pentagon claimed it had been cancelled, in part, because it didn’t produce much. Reid says that’s baloney.

Reporter George Knapp: “We’ve seen reports that the study based here in Nevada ended because it found nothing of interest. What do you think about that?”

Sen. Harry Reid: “Well, maybe they didn’t read the report (he laughs). I mean, it was voluminous reports with a lot of good stuff in it, and it’s too bad they said that.”

Reporter George Knapp: “So, you’ve just said that’s false.”

Sen. Harry Reid: “Oh yeah, no question about it. No question about it. That letter was written by somebody that either wasn’t telling the truth or didn’t know the facts.”

In the past year, the I-Team has obtained and reported some documents produced by the Pentagon study. The rest of it remains hidden. The I-Team asked Senator Reid what was learned and whether some sort of larger disclosure effort might be underway.

You can hear more about that in this I-Team report.

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