MYSTERY WIRE — Reading the review is sometimes as entertaining as going to the movie. Comments are sometimes better than the article. Reactions can outshine the original work.

And when it comes to theories about alien life, the arguments can be more thought-provoking than the theories themselves.

A new book by Michael Masters, a professor of biological anthropology at Montana Technological University, suggests that the aliens we dream of meeting are actually our ancestors returning to study their past. It’s not a new theory, and so the arguments were already formed when the book arrived.

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“Identified Flying Objects: A Multidisciplinary Scientific Approach to the UFO Phenomenon” lays out Masters’ thesis and some counterarguments. quotes experts on pro and con aspects of the book that describes “extratempestrials.”

Could “UFOs” and “Aliens” simply be us, but from the future? This provocative new book cautiously examines the premise that extraterrestrials may instead be our distant human descendants, using the anthropological tool of time travel to visit and study us in their own hominin evolutionary past.’s description of the book

Some snippets from’s article:

  • Robert Sheaffer, noted UFO skeptic: Masters tries to deduce aliens’ evolutionary history from witness descriptions, “suggesting that he takes such accounts far too literally.”
  • David Darling, British astronomer: “Outside of the popular mythos of flying saucers and archetypal, big-brained aliens, there’s precious little credible evidence that they exist. So, my issue with the book is not the ingenuity of its thesis, but the fact that there’s really no need for such a thesis in the first place.”

In the end, it seems like Masters sees a complete explanation for the situation if aliens were to walk a mile in his shoes. An anthropologist with alien technology could learn so much about his roots.