Intuitive twists could be a straight line to UFO answers


MYSTERY WIRE — The mindset of some “experiencers” provides a counterpoint to the drive to bring science into the UFO hunt.

It’s not a straight-line way of thinking.

A recent post on Conscious Living & Wendy’s Coffeehouse is more of a path to follow than information to digest. We are introduced to the intuitive zig-zagging that leads from Point A to Point B when the easily distracted human mind is at work.

But get to Point B, it does.

The destination, as it turns out on this day, was a 2016 film called “Curse of the Man Who Sees UFOs.” It’s not for kids (language). (There’s a link to watch if for free on the Coffeehouse blog.)

But mostly it’s about the journey that made us aware of the 3-year-old film. Enjoy the journey, and think about how your own mind works when you’re not solving quadratic equations or building geometric proofs.

Wait, the dog’s barking … we all need to go.

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