Japan prepares for UFO encounter after DoD video release


Still image from the ‘Gimbal” video, one of three U.S. Navy videos showing unidentified flying objects.

MYSTERY WIRE — The United States government admitted last week to something Mystery Wire has known all along. The three videos showing unidentified flying objects taken by Navy pilots are real and were investigated by a secret Pentagon office called the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, or better known as AATIP.

In light of the Department of Defense (DoD) move, Japan’s government is now publicly taking the UFO phenomena seriously. According to reports, including Fox News, Japan’s Defense Ministry will draw up UFO encounter plans. This was first reported in a Japanese media report on nippon.com

The Japanese government will “consider procedures to respond to, record and report encounters, but the unknown nature of such objects may confuse Self-Defense Forces pilots, including those of F-15 fighter jets.” Japanese Defense Minister Taro Kono said his pilots have never encountered UFOs, but added the ministry will set protocols to cover the possibility.

While Defense Minister Kono says he does not believe in UFOs, he wants to keep the nation’s response ready, just in case. “If video can be taken (of a UFO encounter) and if a report is possible, then a report will be made. Discussions will be held with the Air SDF about just what can be done.”

At the news conference where the plans were made public, Kono said ministry officials will ask their Pentagon counterparts about the release of the videos as well as any analysis they had conducted.

In the U.S., the release of a report filed by investigators from the Air Force Office of Special Investigations came as welcome news to veteran intelligence officer Luis Elizondo, formerly the manager of AATIP. “I’m thankful for the professionalism of the AFOSI investigators,” Elizondo told Mystery Wire.

Watch: Luis Elizondo’s first interview

Elizondo voluntarily retired from his Pentagon position in October, 2017. For ten years he worked with AATIP. Elizondo’s announcement that he had been in charge of the program came during the initial unveiling of a civilian UFO venture “To the Stars Academy”, or TTSA, founded by rock star Tom Delonge.

Two months after Elizondo stepped forward, the New York Times unleashed a blockbuster story about AATIP and its mission, along with video of a dramatic encounter between pilots assigned to the USS Nimitz carrier group and a vastly superior but unknown craft dubbed the “Tic Tac.”  The Times story included an interview with former Senate majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada, the primary legislative sponsor of a hush-hush study of UFOs and related phenomena.

After the most recent announcement by the DoD about the three Navy videos, Elizondo told Mystery Wire he knew he had ruffled some feathers of his higher ups but overall was pleased to see the DoD’s action. “The release of this document confirms what I have been saying all along–that AATIP was an investigation of UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena), that I was the program manager for a period, and that the three videos were released by the DoD, not by me.”

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