MYSTERY WIRE — Over the weekend hundreds of UFO enthusiasts gathered in Las Vegas for the 2021 International MUFON Symposium.

MUFON stands for the Mutual UFO Network and is a group of people dedicated to researching and documenting UFO sightings and encounters from across the nation.

This weekend’s symposium focused on the past year’s increase in military and government leaks, photographs, videos, documents, and mainstream media coverage of UAPs.

Former British Ministry of Defense worker Nick Pope gave the keynote address on Friday night. Saturday morning Mystery Wire’s George Knapp stepped to the podium, speaking to hundreds in the audience about the government’s involvement researching and documenting UFOs going back decades.

Knapp’s presentation went in depth on the often confusing acronym puzzle for government and private groups such as BAASS, NIDS, AWSAPP, AATIP, and the new UAPTF.

Following Knapp on stage was retired Army Colonel John Alexander who talked at length about the government’s involvement in strange and often top secret programs.

Also speaking at this year’s symposium was aviation author James Goodall talking about his 24 published books and his love of aviation. Goodall served in the Air Force from 1962 – 1997. His most recent book is titled “75 years of the Lockheed Martin Skunk Works”.

It was estimated that more than 400 people attended this year’s symposium at the JW Marriott Resort and Spa.

Vendors from not only the UFO world, but also paranormal, religious, and holistic healing had booths and tables set up in an area which was free to the public to look around.

Here one could learn about the connection of bible passages to UFOs from the UFO Pastor Mike Hoggard.

The E.T. scanner.

People could have ailments treated and maybe cured with laser pointers by the man who said he’s most commonly known as the ‘red laser guy’.

If someone thought they had an extraterrestrial encounter and had possibly been implanted with something there was what can be described and a large rectangular shape covered in a tan and gold tarp which held a person. How exactly it works might just remain a mystery.

Other large UFO conferences and meetings were also being talked about here. The Laughlin UFO Megacon had a table where DVDs of this year’s speaker lineup could be bought.

There was also a table showing off a little bit of everything alien themed run by Karen Brard. Brard and Alejandro Rojas run the UFO Congress. This year, like last year, it will be held virtually beginning on September 8th through the 12th.