Mystery Wire built on foundation of 5 decades of journalism


Whether you’re interested in Area 51, UFO reports, military technology, paranormal, mysteries or just great stories, Mystery Wire’s debut is good news.

Veteran newsman George Knapp has been bringing great stories to the KLAS-TV audience in Las Vegas for five decades, establishing a national reputation for treating unusual topics with serious journalism.

Born on a foundation of these stories, Mystery Wire’s launch was accelerated when #StormArea51 caught the nation’s interest. Follow coverage of the Facebook-inspired movement as it unfolds the weekend of Sept. 20-21.

And check back frequently for new reports about news often ignored by national and local media. Follow Mystery Wire on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so you’ll see our stories in your feed.

We’ve only scratched the surface on our archive. We invite you to enjoy the stories that originally aired in Las Vegas on Channel 8, and share them with your friends.

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