Mystery Wire delves deep into archive of video reports on UFOs, paranormal … and beyond


MYSTERY WIRE — When it comes to news, all roads lead to Las Vegas, one way or another.

My name is George Knapp, and I’ve worked as an investigative reporter for more than 35 years. During that time, our team has encountered and uncovered crimes, corruption, coverups and characters in this target-rich environment of the unusual.

And we’ve learned a few things. Secrets can and are being kept. Legitimate mysteries do exist. Conspiracies are sometimes all too real.

Mystery Wire is the name of a new project that launched on Nov. 6. The world’s largest archive of journalistically vetted news stories, interviews and special investigations into unusual subjects that might otherwise be overlooked. We’ve traveled all over the West, all over the country, and around the world to find the most credible sources, scientists, investigators and evidence in an attempt to understand perplexing, persistent questions.

Our video special, aired on Christmas night, introduces you to some of the stories we have covered — and will cover going forward.

As a new decade begins, we invite you to join us on Mystery Wire for more intriguing stories. You will find never-seen full interviews that were reduced to soundbites on newscasts that only aired once.

See our sections on Area 51, UFOs, Military Technology, Mysteries, Paranormal, Space Science and True Crime.

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