MYSTERY WIRE — New details continue to surface since the disclosures by Navy pilot Dave Fravor of encounters with the “Tic Tac” UFO off the coast near San Diego in November 2004.

Fravor tells The Fighter Pilot Podcast, “All the radar tapes from the Princeton … there’s a bunch of stuff that’s missing that they can’t find.” Fravor was interviewed by host and former U.S. Navy pilot Vincent Aiello. The podcast aired in early January of 2019.

Fravor tells the whole story of chasing the UFO and how it accelerated and disappeared in less than a second when he tried to get closer to it.

Another item missing from the archive on the 2004 encounter: the logbook that recorded the mission.

“We had the tapes … we had the radar tape and the FLIR tape — the FLIR tape is what you guys have seen, but it’s been degraded so many times because it’s been copied.”

Fravor tells how he got the tapes, copied them and stashed them in the ready room safe on the USS Princeton. “No one knows where those tapes actually went.”

The tape resurfaced on a website and on YouTube in 2008, but it has since disappeared Fravor said.

In a separate article on, an officer on the USS Princeton says the tapes showed the Tic Tac had legs protruding from it. Jason Turner was a petty officer on the Princeton in 2004.

Turner talks about seeing a very clear video.

“I couldn’t tell if they were curled back or straight down because I was a good five or 10 feet from the feed.

“But there were definitely legs on it. It was oblong, like a tic-tac.”