Navy pilot UFO encounters defy explanation of ‘those damn things’

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Is the U.S. Navy’s recent ability to detect UFOs described as “gauzy blobs” tied to a glitch in radar technology?

Sightings by pilots of the F/A-18 Super Hornet are so frequent they refer to the objects as “those damn things,” according to Jan Tegler and Cat Hofacker’s report on aerospace

One pilot complained that he had nearly hit one. That up-close sighting suggests flaws in theories that the Raytheon APG-79 radar might be “seeing things.”

Radar is just one of the points examined in this article. It delves into some of the government UFO explanations and the real technology that might play into those explanations. That’s hard for UFO researchers to swallow.

Details about weather balloon technology and electro-magnetic propulsion experiments just leave us hungry for more information that’s not available.

Drones and military technology are often veiled as classified information, making it difficult to know what role they might play in the recent sightings. If other countries have surpassed U.S. technology — and experts doubt that — there are more layers of secrets to dig through.

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