MYSTERY WIRE — U.S. Rep. Mark Walker, R-N.C., wasn’t happy. As a member of the House Committee on Homeland Security, he didn’t see sufficient information in the US Navy’s communications about UFOs.

He sent a letter to the Navy demanding answers about UFO sightings.

The Navy responded. How’s Walker feel now?

Reports on Politico and, more recently, The War Zone — with an unredacted copy of the letter that came back to Walker — show that the Navy was more or less unresponsive. Despite his status on the committee, Walker got zilch.

READ: This is the letter the Navy sent a congressman who was demanding answers about UFOs

You can read the letter there, but it says essentially nothing. Apparently, you need to be on the House Armed Services Committee to rate a real reply. Walker is the ranking member of the Intelligence and Counterrorism subcommittee.

Walker asked specific questions about any existing physical evidence to substantiate UFO claims, and further about the technology that’s apparent in the “Tic Tac” UFO video released in December 2017. His questions came in the context of what appeared to be a new day in the release of information about UFOs. The Navy had acknowledged that the UFO videos were “authentic” and had recently revised guidelines for reporting sightings.

“While I am encouraged the Under Secretary of the Navy confirmed that UAP encounters are fully investigated, there is frustration with the lack of answers to specific questions about the threat that superior aircraft flying in United States airspace may pose.”

U.S. Rep. Walker’s statement to Politico