MYSTERY WIRE — Even today, people who speak up about their beliefs and questions surrounding UFOs, aliens, and other worlds are often shunned by their community, co-workers, and even their governments. But now, there’s a new group of professionals coming forward willing to speak. The latest is a former French intelligence officer named Alain Juillet.

Alain Juillet (2016 – Wikipidia)

Recently, the website wrote about Juillet’s involvement in a new documentary called “UFOs: a business of the States” which is being directed by Dominique Fihol. Juillet is a former director of the French Republic’s foreign intelligence agency (DGSE). 

“There is a term that is repeated more and more often among specialists in the field. It is the idea of ‘​”non-human intelligence.’” Juillet added, “This term is interesting because it does not reject the extraterrestrial hypothesis, but it includes other theories on the nature of the phenomenon.”

The phenomenon has become palpable. I was lucky enough to be able to film a meeting of the members of the SIGMA 2 commission that studies UFOs rigorously and scientifically.

Alain Juillet

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Alain Juillet has done interviews in French, one of them is published on Below is an excerpt of the interview between Alain Juillet and Paris Match.

PARIS MATCH: You’ve agreed to participate in Dominique Filhol’s documentary, UFOs: a matter of States. Is this the first time you have spoken publicly on the subject of UFOs?

ALAIN JUILLET: Yes. I participated in a meeting of aeronautics enthusiasts where the problem of unidentified objects was raised. I was in the room and answered some questions. But I had never before discussed the subject publicly. It was after an interview with the director, Dominique Filhol, that we addressed this issue. He asked me two or three questions and said, “I am interested in this, I am preparing something.” This is how it happened.

PARIS MATCH: Did you have a particular interest in UFOs?

ALAIN JUILLET: Yes, even if I am not an enthusiast. On the other hand, I am a man of intelligence and when we see things that are inexplicable today; we know that we can explain them tomorrow. It’s just that we don’t have the elements to imagine or understand what’s going on. In the particular field of UFOs, not to mention people who see a flying saucer landing in a field, there are fighter pilots, astronauts, people who are totally trustworthy and report very accurate observations. We should not say that they do not make sense, only recognize that there are things that elude us in explaining the phenomenon.