New movie has Rendlesham Forest UFO back in headlines

Codename Rendlesham

From the official trailer for “Codename Rendlesham.” (YouTube)

MYSTERY WIRE — A documentary on the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident is fueling publicity and more media reports about the original encounter.

Media is fond of calling Rendlesham “Britain’s Roswell,” more famous than any UFO report in the United Kingdom and among the best-known incidents in the world. The trailer for the new film, “Codename Rendlesham,” appears below:

It’s based on reports from late December, 1980, from US Air Force personnel including Lt. Col. Charles I. Halt. RAF Woodbridge in Suffolk, England, was used to house US Air Force personnel at the time, and Halt was deputy base commander. See an interview with Halt.

A memo signed by Lt. Col. Halt describes eyewitness observations of the lights and a small craft, and physical evidence left behind — depressions in the ground where the craft had been sighted, the memo says.

Academics quoted in a report this week from BBC describe Rendlesham as a “legend,” in the same class as the Loch Ness Monster and King Arthur. Dr. David Clarke of Sheffield Hallam University tells BBC, “No it may have been a lighthouse. It may have been some natural phenomena. That is beside the point.”

The facts are in such dispute, Clarke says, that neither side will move. “The more it is elaborated on, the more it becomes a legend.”

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The British newspaper The Telegraph has republished online a feature story from 2015 that quotes Nick Pope, a former British Ministry of Defense UFO investigator: “This was not some vague ‘lights in the sky’ sighting – the UFO actually landed.”

The Telegraph reported in late 2018 that Rendlesham might have been a hoax pulled by British Special Air Service personnel following a brutal interrogation of one of their troops in August, 1980. The article says SAS troops regularly tested the perimeter of RAF Woodbridge at the time, and the US Air Force took one of their men into custody after he parachuted into the complex.

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The incident has been the topic of previous films, including “The Rendlesham UFO Incident” (2014), which was released in the US under the title, “Hangar 10.”

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