MYSTERY WIRE — With the publication of the New York Times story on the government’s new found willingness to talk about UFOs, or UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomena) as the government now classifies UFOs, media outlets around the world are also reporting on this topic.

It is a major shift in the media, from small town papers to national networks, to not only mention UFOs in passing, but devote several minutes on TV and many more inches in newspapers, sometimes as the lead or front page.

In past years, even in recent months, UFO coverage often is pushed to the back. No longer it would seem.

In the days following the Times story, there have been stories written for dozens of media, of all types, including these:

One site, has compiled a long list of stories on the topic dating back at least two years.

While some in the UFO online community wanted to see more details released in the Times story, it has once again opened the door to other members of the media, public, and government to openly talk about UFOs.

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